National Nuclear Forensic Library Workshop [28/11/2022] 2253

30 Novembre 2022 di

n n n The ENEA Traceability Lab. (FSN-SICNUC-TNMT) with the NSDD (Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence) has organized the workshop based on the study and interrogation of the NNFL Library in various areas of nuclear forensics.n n Place: ENEA Bolognan ]]>

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THE 5th INCLUDING JOINT ACTION [23/9/2022] 2241

23 Settembre 2022 di

n n n The Bologna Joint Action has been a Table Top Exercise (TTX) organized by ENEA, where participants gathered to discuss and evaluate criticalities in response to a radiological emergency in an urban area.n n Place: ENEA Bolognan n https://including-cluster.eun ]]>

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The Nuclear Forensic Interpretation Process and a Role of a National Nuclear Forensic Library [13/6/2022] 2233

13 Giugno 2022 di

n n n Dr. G. Ottaviano from Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development @ENEAOfficial presented “The Nuclear Forensic Interpretation Process and a Role of a National Nuclear Forensic Library (NNFL)” #nuclearforensic #workshop #RN n Place: Budapestn n n https://including-cluster.eun ]]>

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EU strategies for sustainable and circular textile: traceability and product passport [10/6/2022] 2228

31 Maggio 2022 di

n n n The Traceability table of the National Technological Cluster of Made in Italy and the Regional Cluster of Creative Cultural Industries of Emilia-Romagna, organize a meeting on the European strategy for sustainable circular textiles. The event will be virtual and is an opportunity for reflecting on the steps to meet the incoming regulations.n […]

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10 Marzo 2022 di

n n n We are going to discuss some scientific issues related to the actual tragic war events, with the researchers of the Laboratory TNMT ( Nuclear Safety, Security and Sustainability Division – Fusion and Technology for Nuclear Safety and Security Department) at Research Centre of Bologna.n /tecnopolo/download/news/FOCUS Sicurezza Nucleare.pdfn n Monitoraggio_CentroDatiNazionalen ]]>

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